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Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Schedule

I hope that I'll be posting more often. 

I hope that I'll have something to post about.  This is a training blog after all.

Ideas for 2011:

April third there's a half iron in Tempe.  I can be ready for that I think.  That gives me approximately 7 weeks to prepare for it.  Can do if I work on it.  I just need to swim, ride, and run.  I can ride 56 miles.  I'd like to do it more comfortably though.  I ran last night.  I covered about 6.5 miles in an hour with a long warm up and 10 minute cool down.  Swim is the wild card (as usual).

April 30th is the Rocky Point Olympic triathlon.  No big deal but I would really like to do well in this.  If I use the half to train for this and really focus on speed for the second and third week in April I could do well.  Again, the swim will be important here.

June fifth is Alcatraz.  I'm very lucky (if you could call it such) that I keep getting drawn in this lottery.  A friend of mine Jason is doing it as well.  Gives me some incentive to train for it.  I would really like to rip apart last year's time even though I think I did quite well.  I faded on the last two miles last year.  If I could put together 8 - eight minute miles that would be awesome!

November 20 is Ironman.  I guess I won't be celebrating my 43rd birthday Saturday the 19th too extravagantly.  'Nuff said about that I guess.  My friends Don and Shaun are signed up for it as well so again, some incentive to keep training through the early fall this year unlike what happened last year on the bike.  There's no faking endurance.

More later.