Results to Date

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Better, and worse

I don't mind telling you that I was worried on Friday afternoon. My foot was really swollen and after the doctor poked, prodded, stuck, cut, and drained it; it really hurt that night when the anesthetic wore off.

They changed the antibiotic while waiting for the results to come back. As I said that seemed to solve the problem and things were looking up.

I went in yesterday for what I thought was a quick follow up but the doctor wasn't happy with it and I have now developed a really bad athlete's foot fungus.

She has me doing some other procedures to it and last night it felt just like it felt a week ago Monday. I hope it isn't starting again.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Long weekend. Finally got my test results. Definitely MRSA but it isn't resistant to the Bacterium, the latest antibiotic I've tried.

I feel a thousand times better than I felt Friday. I get to wash the foot and then I have to place the corner of a swab in the cut on my foot to keep the wound open while it drains. Yuck.

Anyway, we'll see how long it takes to heal now.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Take the Vicodin early, take the Vicodin often

For the past 5 weeks or so I've been fighting a real bad cold. Seems like I've been getting sick this time of year for the past few years.

Anyway, I finally went to the doctor and after a Z-pack and some steroids I seemed to be getting better.

Then Monday the 2nd I woke up with a sore foot. The foot got worse Tuesday and Wednesday it really hurt so I went to see the Podiatrist. Turns out I had a bad infection. The sliced open my toes to clean it out and wrapped it up.

I've never taken Vicodin before. Wednesday as the anesthetic wore off during the night the pain woke me up so I took one. Not bad. Better than a few Advil. Last night same thing but I ended up taking two.

Today I went in for a follow up visit. The infection has gotten worse, not better so the doc switched my antibiotic. She re-opened the foot and cleaned it out again. Katie's worried that it is MRSA. I'm hoping for the best.