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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last time I rode...

I don't remember if it was 2 weeks ago Thursday or Friday but Ken took a couple days off so we went out and rode.  That should tell you how totally unprepared I feel for the ride in 4 weeks.

Anyway we were just making our way out east with no particular destination in mind when I think we both realized at the same time that we were about to ride past Doug's house.  I don't know if we consiously set out to do it but we turned up a different road instead.

A while later we decided to head out toward McDowell Mountain Ranch and took Via Linda out that way.  Before we realized it we were riding in front of the police station where Doug killed himself.  We both got kind of quiet for a little while.  I think we both realized that it had been a while since we thought about him.  At least that's what I realized.  He's been gone almost six months and I hardly think of him anymore.  That makes me feel a little depressed.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nothing - Bike - Run

Seriously, I have got to go swimming in the very near future.

This week is about to evaporate because I have to watch the kids tomorrow and Katie is going up North to hike the Grand Canyon on thursday.  Today was horrible weather, rain and hail so I didn't get to do anything today.
Let me take a moment to criticize LA Fitness yet again.  I am begging the guy behind the counter to take my $24.99 / month for two months and then I'll quit again after the race.  Instead he wants $99 to sign me up.  I realize that is probably his commission but why let me walk out when I clearly want to give them money?

But I digress.

I have been very with my other two disciplines.  I am in the last full month of training before the race.  I've timed it wrong this year.  For some reason I was a week off in my training plan or I took an extra week off.  I can't tell for sure.  Anyway, I've been running 18 plus miles regularly on Sundays for almost 2 months now.  I haven't really been doing the required long rides but I have a descent base and I have been very good about my strenght and threshold rides.  I got in 85 miles on Saturday after Katie got sick and couldn't hike.  I would have gotten 100 plus but I got a bit of a late start.

This weekend is out unless I can get help watching the kids.  I'll have to figure something out.  I don't think it's going to be as hot so maybe I can get my Brother to watch them for a while on Saturday or Sunday.  For my run I'll either do the same thing I did a couple weeks ago and get an hour in on the treadmill before heading outside for another couple hours or I'll just do 3 x 1 hour runs with some time between to feed the kids and try to keep myself sane.  Treadmill long distance running is not a ton of fun.

Weekend after that is Rocky Point.  Riding is out for that time but I'll be able to get some long runs in.

I really will.  I'm able to force myself out of bed and run long distances.

Why don't you believe me?  I did it in Cabo a year ago.  Although the heat and humidity almost killed me.

That's going to put me 30 days out from the race.  A rest week and I'm 3 weeks away.  One hard week and then a two plus some week taper.

Predictions.  Boy I don't want to screw up.  I should go sub 12:00.  I have delusions of going sub 11:00.  Not likely.  There would have to be no wind on the bike and I'd have to hold 9:00 min/miles on the run.  Unlikely.  We'll see.