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Thursday, October 06, 2011




When's the last time I updated this blog?  May?  Two thousand what?

OK, that wasn't the last time I worked out but, again, seriously?

Alright, I am about 50 days out of the race with approx 30 days of training left.


Swim:  Not where I need to be but I can get there in 3 weeks.  Not a big deal.  This has been a tough couple of weeks.  Not tough in the sense that I couldn't work out but tough in the sense that I've been screwing around drinking in Cabo for a week.  Just need to get 3 long swims in with 6 interval workouts and I'll do fine.

Ride:  Again, my long ride, like last year has been 85 miles.  If I can, over the next 3 weeks put in a good 110, 120, and 130 mile ride I'll be fine.  If not, then the ride will be a bit tough, assuming of course there aren't 30+ mph winds and hail like last year.  Tough but not impossible.  I'll take it easy and get through.

Run:  As usual (past 4 years anyway) this is my most trained sport.  I'll be fine.  If I can get off the bike feeling good I can look forward to 5 hours of hell to finish out a 13:30 IM.  If I don't feel good off the bike I can loof forward to a 6+ hour marathon.  Want to hear something funny?  A 6 hour marathon is much more fun than a 5 hour marathon.  It doesn't hurt to walk ever and you really can enjoy some good company.

So, I'll either have a 13 hour suffer fest ora 15 hour easy day.

Wish me luck.