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Thursday, February 01, 2007

72 days and counting...

I can't believe that it's February already.

Swimming is progressing, nicely I think. I swam 2,500 meters in 56:30. I think that gets me out of the lake somewhere around 1:22. I'm thinking I'll probably get in another 40 swim workouts between now and April. I don't think I'm going to do much in terms of increasing strength by then so pretty much all time savings will come from form and interval training.

Still need to get a wetsuit.

The run Tuesday was an absolute blast! 4 x 7 minute efforts into level 5 after a long warm up. My total time out there was about 1:20. It was excellent. I really like running.

Lots of rain yesterday and today. It really better stop before Saturday. Doug, Ken, and I have a long ride ahead of us.

Anyway, lots happening in my life right now. Maybe I'll do a little personal stuff here tomorrow.