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Thursday, December 03, 2009


I think I lost my Garmin after the race last Saturday.  Talk about sucky!!

I saw a bunch of people with the new 310XT at the race.  I'm interested in it but it seems awfully pricey at $400 with the HR monitor.  I think Garmin has a $50 rebate right now and a few stores at which I shop offer 10% back so that gets it close to a more manageable $300.  Still, that's a lot when I can find a replacement 301 for $150.

The two cool things about the 310 are that it is waterproof (which longtime followers will remember I discovered was untrue of the 301) and that it has 20 hours of battery life.  Downside is that the reviews all say that the GPS doesn't work underwater.  And, how often am I out training for 20 hours?

I was at the GARMIN store in Chicago a couple weeks ago and I saw a minature version of the 301 but I don't see it online anywhere.