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Monday, December 04, 2006

A bad omen this morning

Maybe I should have known there was trouble ahead.

I keep my cycling shoes right by the front door. This morning I was barefoot and just about to sit down on the floor to put my socks and shoes on. There were some dust bunnies on the floor so I kicked them out of the way before sitting down. One of the dust bunnies was solid. I kicked it again and then I turned on the light and looked at it.

Holy Shit! A dead scorpion! I'm embarrassed to admit this but bugs give me the willies! While technically not a bug, I don't like scorpions either. I go get a glass to scoop it up with but as soon as I put the glass around the critter the dead scorpion sprung to life. Yipes.

Anyway, I kept my composure long enough to flush that sucker down the toilet.

Did I mention that scorpions (and black widows) like to hide out in shoes? You know, Arizona is about the best place in the world to live, but I really don't like arachnids that sting and bite.