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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm back!

A little tired? Sure. Coughing up a lung? You bet. Hungry for training? Obviously!

I've been out of commission since, what, Thursday? That's when I killed myself with a couple hard runs. My head cold settled in my chest and sleep has been next to impossible. With as little sleep a I get get anyway I've really been out of it.

Monday I had another swim lesson. It really went great. I realize that coaches get paid to pump you up and tell you good things but I'm really starting to believe the stuff Ann over at Camelback Coaching is telling me. My goal is set and she tells me that it's very possible. I'm very excited. I'd be even more excited if I'd remembered my stupid goggles today.

I missed a total of one run and 4 rides including a 4 1/2 hour ride that I was supposed to do on Saturday. As I've said, I'm not super concerned about that. I did miss one run and I'm disappointed there. I missed a bunch of swims but they were all drills and it didn't seem to affect my performance at all.

Ran last night. Great run! A lot of time at level 3 with an extremely low perceived level of effort. Had some trouble at the end keeping the HR in level three. I just kept wanting to run faster.

Rode this morning. 38 degrees at the house. Wow that seemed cold. I put on all that cold weather gear I bought a few weeks ago and I was very comfortable. The toes on my right foot started getting a little cold towards the end of the ride.

Doctor gave me a 'Z' pack for my cold on the assumption that it's migrated into a bacterial infection. Normally I wouldn't take antibiotics unless the infection was confirmed but it's been 3 years since I took any so I'm not going to be worried about becoming resistant. On the paperwork the doc gave me it says "finish all medications even if you feel better." One of the things he prescribed was some cough syrup with codeine. When I picked up the prescription they gave me like a pint of it! I said, "I'm sure I shouldn't finish that if I feel better." The pharmacist said to save it for a rainy day when I want to sleep. Sure worked last night. Might consider not drinking with it next time.