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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rest of the week in review...

Let's see. When last I posted I was feeling crappy but I wasn't going to let it bother me anymore.

I finally started feeling good this weekend. I didn't wake up coughing Friday or Saturday.

I'm totally back on track training wise.

Thursday was a 55 minute short run with some sprints up into level 4. I think I blew off the ride on Friday because I knew I had a long ride ahead Saturday and opted for a long swim instead.

Saturday was my long ride day. 4.5 hours doesn't really seem like that long a ride but it can be torturous because over 4 hours of it has to be done at level 2 on flat terrain. If you are like me and you love hills and sprints (sometimes both at the same time) it can be mind numbing to just pedal along for hours. Could be worse obviously. In the Midwest I guess they do entire rides indoors on stationary bikes and trainers. Ugh.

Anyway, we had a great ride. Doug and Ken were nice enough to join me on this exercise in torture. They get longer by the way. I think in February and March I'll be out there for 8 hours. We did a ride out to New River. I stayed out front for most of it but Ken was nice enough to do a long pull at the end fast enough that I could stay in level 2 even in the draft. I think we got about 85 miles in before we were done. Doug and I almost got in a fight with some guy in a Lexus right at the end of the ride. Coward wouldn't get out of his car though.

I did exactly 1/3 of a marathon tonight in exactly 1/3 of four hours. Now that was a fun run! I stayed in level 2 for 55 minutes and timed it almost perfectly that I ended up at home when the clock stopped. I really enjoy running.

I got some really cool news on Saturday. I'll share it a little later.